~Microsoft investment and expansion will create more than 100 new jobs 

RICHMOND - Governor Ralph Northam today announced that Microsoft Corporation, one of the largest and most influential companies in the world, will inject significant capital investment to expand its enterprise data center in Mecklenburg County. The project is Microsoft's sixth expansion at the facility since 2010 and will allow the company to further enhance its ability to serve customers in the U.S. and across the globe. Virginia successfully competed against multiple states for this significant investment, which will create more than 100 new jobs.

"When Microsoft established its new enterprise data center in 2010, it represented the largest economic investment in southern Virginia history, and we have been thrilled to see the company continue expanding in the Commonwealth ever since," said Governor Northam. "Microsoft's sustained investment in Virginia has created hundreds of new jobs for our citizens and advanced our position as a leader in information technology. We thank Microsoft for its tremendous contribution to the economies of Mecklenburg County and to the Commonwealth as a whole."

The Commonwealth secures BF's top annual honor with a diversified and successful high-tech growth strategy.

photo of flag of Virginia with hand showing OK signVirginia has been named Business Facilities magazine's 2018 State of the Year. "Virginia snared more than $5.5 billion in capital investment for its top two projects, and its top five job-creation efforts netted nearly 28,000 new jobs in a diverse and well-executed growth strategy that has made VA a high-tech force to be reckoned with," said BF Editor-in-Chief Jack Rogers.  View the Jan/Feb 2019 issue's cover article about Virginia.

Rogers noted that VA has been a perennial contender for BF's top honor due to its proximity to Washington DC, making it an attractive location for major corporate headquarters. In recent years, the Commonwealth has invested in fiber-optic networks that have made Northern Virginia the nation's leading data center hub.

"The 21st-century infrastructure that Virginia has meticulously installed will serve as a fertile root system that will nurture a lush forest of high-tech enterprises in the Commonwealth for years to come," Rogers said. "Virginia not only is ready to compete in the emerging high-tech battleground—it shows every intention of dominating the field."

YakAttack, LLC to expand manufacturing facility 

Gov. Northam announces Yak Attack expansionGovernor Ralph Northam today announced that YakAttack, LLC, a leading manufacturer of kayak fishing gear and rigging, will relocate and expand its production facility in Prince Edward County. The company recently acquired technology that will allow for more control over its supply chain and requires additional square footage to house the new processes. YakAttack will move from its existing facility in Nottoway County to a 66,000-square-foot space in Prince Edward County. The project includes an investment of $3.4 million. Virginia successfully competed with South Carolina for this project, which will create 34 new jobs. 

“Virginia’s kayak fishing community has become hooked on YakAttack, a beloved member and integral part of the region’s emerging adventure tourism industry since they arrived in 2009,” said Governor Ralph Northam. “We thank YakAttack for creating 34 new jobs in our Commonwealth and are confident the company will continue to grow and thrive as they chart a new course in Prince Edward County.” 

Unmanned Systems Association of Virginia (USAV) logo

Memorandum of Understanding establishes formal relationship between USAV and CIT to jointly foster the development of unmanned systems in Virginia

The Unmanned Systems Association of Virginia (USAV), a non-profit coalition of leading companies in the unmanned systems industry, announced today that the organization has executed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) establishing a formal partnership with the Center of Innovative Technology (CIT), a technology-based economic development non-profit that houses the Virginia Center for Unmanned Systems.  The MOU states that USAV and CIT will jointly pursue mutually beneficial opportunities to foster the development of unmanned systems throughout Virginia.

Specifically, USAV and CIT will work together on the following:

DRS working to significantly increase number of full-time, sustainable jobs in southern Virginia.

DRS Imaging Services, LLC today announced that it will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony on December 7th to celebrate The HiGro Group LLC’s recent investment in DRS. DRS anticipates it will double the number of local families supported by the company’s Clarksville facility via 100 sustainable, full-time jobs over the next 12-24 months. The partnership of local and state business and community leaders will be a critical aspect of the strategy to make Clarksville – and the greater Mecklenberg County – a hub for DRS. This is the first step in growing DRS’ workforce, with plans for additional locations across the country.

  • Natural gas-fueled station provides power for 400,000 homes
  • Greensville County to receive $7 million a year in taxes
  • One of the largest and environmentally cleanest stations in the country

Greensville County Power Station has officially joined Dominion Energy Virginia's fleet of clean, safe and efficient natural gas-fueled electric generating units.

The station, located a few miles west of Emporia, completed testing and began generating electricity for the company's 2.6 million customers Saturday, Dec. 8. The station can generate 1,588 megawatts of electricity, producing enough power to light, heat and cool nearly 400,000 homes.

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