Dean Marion, Plant Manager, BGF Industries“I have no reservations about selling this community! The cost of living is low, and anywhere you want to go takes less than an hour. There is a great benefit to getting in your car and being at work in 10 minutes. I know I like it!

The local government has a willingness to help and assist here. It is easy to network and get things done.

If you had asked me about the local workforce 5 years ago when unemployment rates were low, I couldn’t have promised you the people; but now, there is an available and dependable workforce here. At BGF, we have very low turnover and went 12 years without a single lost-time accident.”
Dean Marion, Plant Manager, BGF Industries


Dan Sowers, Director of Distribution,The Jones Group"The Jones Group located in South Hill over a decade ago because of its close proximity to the Port [of Virginia] and for its major transportation corridors of I-85, Routes 58 and 1, making it the ideal place for a distribution center."
Dan Sowers, Director of Distribution,The Jones Group


"I can't tell you how fortunate we all feel to be working with you and the Nottoway community. You have all welcomed us and never failed to let us know you are here to help us in any way you can. The reception we get is overwhelming...I've been doing this for 20 years and can honestly say I have never had such a positive experience in working with a community."

Abigail Low, GSA
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