Virginia's Growth Alliance  economic development region, counties and city VGA includes the counties of Brunswick, Charlotte, Greensville, Lunenburg, Mecklenburg, and the city of Emporia.

Strategically located midway between the Richmond and Raleigh/Durham metropolitan areas, we're but a short two hours from the Port of Hampton Roads via 4-lane highways. Interstates and highways provide convenient one-day access to most East Coast and Mid-West markets.

Who Calls Us Home?

We're home to a diverse group of companies, ranging from data centers to food processors, universities to wood products. A sampling of these companies includes:

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The companies located in VGA are an integral part of our community, enhancing our quality of life through community service and cultural programs.

We Cultivate Success.

You'll benefit from our skilled workforce, low cost of living, lightning fast fiber broadband, convenient transportation system, and relaxed lifestyle.

Redundant fiber optic broadband networks crisscross the region and support world-class technology companies such as HP and Microsoft.

A stable and dependable labor force, combined with a low-cost of doing business, has been the key to success for advanced manufacturing companies located in the region.

Workforce development centers across the region train workers in today's most demanding technology and information-based occupations.

Executives and workers moving to the region will find Southern, small-town friendliness, and unrivaled waterfront living on the shores of Buggs Island Lake and Lake Gaston.

One of only 7 FAA-designated test sites for Unmanned Aerial Systems

A radar-equipped, 5,000 square mile “Beyond the Horizons” test range allows flights up to 7,000 feet AGL, in an infrastructure-rich area ripe for testing a variety of use cases. 

The testing environment consists of 27 miles of pipeline infrastructure, 24 miles of power line, 13 miles of rail line, and a variety of agricultural assets all to be used for operational training, business proposition validation, and reliability standardization.

Local Governments

Each county has a board of supervisors and county administrator.

The city has a city council and city manager. Each locality has a comprehensive plan and zoning and subdivision ordinances. There are 23 incorporated towns in the region.


Localities in Virginia collect a 1% sales tax. They do not tax other items taxed at the State level.

Counties and cities in Virginia are separate taxing entities. Therefore, a company pays taxes to either a county or to a city.

If a company is located in a town, it pays town and county taxes except for utility taxes which are paid only to the town and the license tax which is paid only to the town unless town law permits the additional collection of a county tax.

Manufacturers pay real estate, machinery and tools, truck and automobile, utility, and sales taxes.

Nonmanufacturers pay real estate, tangible personal property, truck and automobile, utility, and sales taxes. They also may pay either a merchants' capital or a license tax.

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