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Memorandum of Understanding establishes formal relationship between USAV and CIT to jointly foster the development of unmanned systems in Virginia

The Unmanned Systems Association of Virginia (USAV), a non-profit coalition of leading companies in the unmanned systems industry, announced today that the organization has executed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) establishing a formal partnership with the Center of Innovative Technology (CIT), a technology-based economic development non-profit that houses the Virginia Center for Unmanned Systems.  The MOU states that USAV and CIT will jointly pursue mutually beneficial opportunities to foster the development of unmanned systems throughout Virginia.

Specifically, USAV and CIT will work together on the following:

  • Bring together stakeholders to interact with state officials on ways that the state can support further growth and opportunities in the unmanned systems industry.
  • Leverage Virginia's great potential to support companies with interests in developing, testing, manufacturing and using unmanned systems products and services in Virginia.
  • Promote the benefits of Virginia to unmanned systems-related businesses that may wish to expand or relocate to Virginia.
  • Coordinate developments across the state that may impact the unmanned systems industry.

Read the full announcement here.

The Unmanned Systems Association of Virginia (USAV) is a non-profit coalition focused on promoting a legal and regulatory framework that supports innovation, collaboration and growth in the unmanned systems industry in the Commonwealth. For more information on USAV, please visit  www.unmatchedva.org.

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